Mr. Jamal Hurani
A representative of the Arab Bank

A representative of the Arab Bank

Mr. Hurani is the Arab Bank Country Manager – Palestine since 2013.

He held several positions during his banking career :

  • Deputy Country Manager - Arab Bank Palestine .
  • Head of Consumer Banking- Arab Bank Palestine.
  • Assistant general manager - Arab Islamic Bank.
  • Nablus Branch manager - Arab Bank Palestine.
  • Mr. Hurani is also the Chairman for Al- Arabi Investment group company- Palestine (AB Invest). 
  • Deputy Chairman for Palestinian Banking Institute (PBI) . and Association of Banks in Palestine .
  • Represents Arab Bank in : Padico Holding , Palestine Industrial Investment Company ( PIIC ) and Palestine Power generating company (PPGC) , As board member .
  • Mr. Hurani received a master degree in Business Administration from Al-Najah University, and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Mu’tah University/Jordan.