Mr. Mohammed Najjar
A Representative Of (PADICO)

A Representative Of (PADICO)

Mr. Mohammed Najjar is the Director of the Infrastructure and Energy Sector at PADICO HOLDING.

Mr. Najjar has solid experience in the field of infrastructural development in the West Bank and Gaza as he has worked for more than ten years in different infrastructure programs implemented by USAID including: water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, seawater desalination, solid waste management, well drilling, roads, and buildings construction, green buildings and energy efficiency. Under the USAID-LGIP, he effectively contributed to launch the first Palestinian Green Buildings Guideline in cooperation with the Engineering Association and the Higher Palestinian Green Buildings Council in Palestine.

Mr. Najjar practiced at different levels of work in several aspects of large scheme infrastructural programs including: planning and feasibility studies, design, construction management, environmental compliance, and training and capacity building. And he participated in consultancy services for infrastructure projects in the West Bank and Gaza funded by different donors including: the World Bank, European Union, AFD, GIZ, JICA and others.

Mr. Najjar contributed to establish and served as the General Manager of Rawabi City Water and Wastewater Utility – Qatra, a subsidiary of Massar International. Qatra is considered as the first success story of private sector in managing public water and wastewater services in Palestine.

Mr. Najjar holds MSc. Degree in Environmental and Water Engineering and BSc. Degree in Civil Engineering from Birzeit University. He was also awarded a research scholarship from the Middle East Desalination Research Center to conduct his master thesis in this field. In addition he had intensive courses in renewable energy technologies and its utilization for productive uses in Politicnico di Milano, Italy and by UNIDO in Tunisia. Moreover, he participated in several regional and international conferences and training courses in the field of infrastructure development and energy.