First IPP in the West Bank.

Greenfield development of ~200-250 MW of natural gas fired power generation plant representing a first phase of a 450 MW  to be built in  the Jenin Governorate North of the West Bank.

The Project includes the development, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and long-term servicing of the power plant.

Power sale to be made directly to selected electricity distribution companies under a power purchase agreement guaranteed by a deed of guarantee issued by the MoF on behalf of the Government of the State of Palestine and LC from the Buyer equal to 2 months of annual obligations.

Long Term natural gas supply to be provided by Gaza Marine Natural Gas Field with a bridge gas sale and purchase agreement until Gaza Marine comes online.

Fulfills around 20% of Palestine electricity demand.

Potential to substitute up to 25% of electricity imports which is important to reduce the trade deficit with Palestine trading partners.

PPGC shareholders base constitutes leading group of Palestinian institutional investors that is led by the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) and includes among others, PADICO, Arab Bank, Palestine Bank, Palestine Pension Agency, Cairo Amman Bank, AL Quds Bank, APIC, PRICO, National Insurance Company, and Gulf Steel among others.